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Ultra-X12 Subwoofer

The Ultra-X12 brings a whole new meaning to 'tight' bass with a class LH amplifier and the same custom port plug design you came to expect from our LFM series. The Ultra delivers 17Hz to provide the chest thumping bass you are looking for, and with a linear response you no longer need to...
Price $679.00

The FTB-01 Bluetooth®...

You have the Model 976; you've seen that it has a dedicated Bluetooth input and now you just need the Bluetooth receiver to take advantage of all your favorite streaming services. The FTB-01 Bluetooth receiver integrates only with the Model 976 and replicates bit depths of up to 24b to allow for...
Price $59.99

RR2160MkII Stereo Receiver

Outlaws all over America praised our RR2160. The smooth playback and the art-deco design resonated with those of us still spinning singles, EPs, and LPs. A superb phono pre-amp, four pure analog audio, line level inputs, a Burr Brown DAC, and updated Internet Radio with built in WiFi...it may...
Price $999.00

PSC Digital Coax Cable: 3.5m

Pure silver coax cables at an unbelievable price. Beyond their construction and technology, the additional benefits of the PSC are their length and price. Outlaw PSC cables are priced substantially below competitive pure silver coax cables.
Price $99.99

Perfect Path Stereo 1000-16ft

1000 Series - Locking Stereo Audio RCA InterconnectsFeatures• Easy-locking mechanism – twist to lock, simple to install• Oxygen-free copper conductors and shielding provide cleaner, more accurate sound• Gold-plated pin maximizes conductivity• Durable, machined, polished black nickel headshells•...
Price $54.99

Perfect Path Optical...

1000 Series - Digital Audio Optical InterconnectFeatures• Precision polished fiber terminations ensure a superior quality digital signal• Gold-plated ferule ensures proper alignment and protects mating port from damage• CL2/FT4 In-wall rated
Price $69.99

PDO Optical Cable: 1.8m

Beyond their construction and technology, the additional benefits of the PDO are their length and price. Outlaw PDO cables are priced substantially below competitive audiophile grade optical cables, and they are offered in our exclusive 1.8-meter length.
Price $19.95

Outlaw Audio Cap

We get it; you just can't wear your Outlaw A/V gear. We thought a baseball cap might be more comfortable.
Price $20.00