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BLSv2 Loudspeakers

The original Outlaw Bookshelf Loudspeakers were the recipients of numerous rave reviews and awards. The BLSv2 enters the market with an updated cabinet, finish, and speaker design. With performance matching, and in some areas exceeding the original, you'll wonder how the Outlaws could afford to...
Price $699.00

BTR-250D Bluetooth Receiver

Bluetooth streaming with hi-res capabilities, plenty of range, and enough output voltage to drive all your equipment makes the BTR-250 a perfect pairing for the music buff who requires convenience. Manual
Price $129.99

Model 7000x 7-Channel...

The Model 7000x amplifier offers common mode rejection on its balanced inputs and 7 x 130 watts into an 8 ohm load. We have never offered this much power, along with XLR and RCA inputs, for this kind of price! Manual See Front Panel Huge See Rear Panel Huge Reviews StereoWise - Written...
Price $999.00

LCRv2 Single Loudspeaker

Precise Imaging. Natural timbre. Smooth mid-range. The LCRv2 is a perfect match for our bookshelf loudspeakers. Capable of even more output and power handling, these speakers will fill even moderately large rooms. Great for a front sound stage; great for a full surround sound experience! Manual...
Price $599.00

The FTB-01 Bluetooth®...

You have the Model 976; you've seen that it has a dedicated Bluetooth input and now you just need the Bluetooth receiver to take advantage of all your favorite streaming services. The FTB-01 Bluetooth receiver integrates only with the Model 976 and replicates bit depths of up to 24b to allow for...
Price $59.99

RR2160MkII Stereo Receiver

Outlaws all over America praised our RR2160. The smooth playback and the art-deco design resonated with those of us still spinning singles, EPs, and LPs. A superb phono pre-amp, four pure analog audio, line level inputs, a Burr Brown DAC, and updated Internet Radio with built in may...
Price $999.00

Model 7900

This fully balanced power amplifier uses 24 output transistors per channel to deliver an astounding 7x300 watts per channel, all channels driven! This behemoth is so powerful that it needs dual 15A breakers just to run it!  Manual See Front Panel Huge See Rear Panel Huge
Price $4,999.00

Model 7220 7-Channel Fully...

This all new, fully balanced amplifier offers 220W into an 8 ohm load and sports the best signal to noise ratio of any Outlaw amp! Quiet, clean, accurate, and reliable: all the things an Outlaw loves the most in a power amp. Quick Start Guide See Front Panel Huge See Rear Panel Huge...
Price $3,999.00

OAW4 Wireless Audio System

We've completely redesigned our wireless offering! With more range and more zones, it provides the ultimate flexibility for placing your subwoofer or stereo source device(s)! System includes 1 stereo wireless transmitter and 1 stereo wireless receiver. Picture illustrates the front and rear of...
Price $129.00

Marantz AV7706

IN STOCK: SHIPS IN 1-2 BUSINESS DAYS THIS PRODUCT CAN ONLY BE SOLD, AND SHIPPED, WITHIN THE U.S. Looking for all the features to provide a versatile home theater setup? Featuring 11.2 channel XLR and RCA pre-outs, the AV7706 offers third party integration, WiFi, room correction, and more!...
Price $2,199.00
M8 Subwoofer
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M8 Subwoofer

Thanks, in part, to a remarkably robust 8-inch woofer driven by 125 continuous watts of Class AB power, this compact overachiever is as musical as it is powerful! Manual See Cabinet Bottom Huge See Plate Amplifier Huge Reviews Home Theater Review CNET
Price $279.00

Model 2220

Mono? Mini? Micro? Magnificent? Whatever that M is, this is one UNREAL little single-channel amp. 200 Watts (conservatively!) into a 3-inch chassis with balanced input stage to offer Common Mode Rejection! MANUAL See Front Panel Huge See Rear Panel Huge
Price $399.00