Model 5000x 5-Channel Amplifier

Home theater growing? Need more power? You’ve come to the right place. The high-caliber Model 5000x 5-Channel Amplifier has plenty to offer:

         HONEST POWER: 5x120W into 8Ω, or 5x180W into 4Ω [all channels driven].
         BALANCED INS: Balanced input stage with Common Mode Rejection.
         NEUTRAL AMPLIFICATION: Uncolored amplification.

Excellent noise rejection, accurate amplification, and ample headroom; the go-to choice for those needing an extra channels of amplification, in all but the largest of rooms or the most stubborn speakers.

Designed by salt of the earth people hell bent on producing exceptionally built gear that works better than it costs. 


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($769.00 Per unit)

There are many Outlaws who roam the vast audio plains in search of the perfect multichannel amplification. You know the type. Heck, maybe you even fancy yourself a stickler for honest power, the likes of which could tame even the most demanding speakers.

You may have heard murmurings of something called the Outlaw Audio Model 5000X. A high-caliber 5-channel amplifier known for its 5 x 120 watts into 8 ohms or 5 x 180 watts into 4 ohms, all channels driven. Word around town is it’s perfect for a moderate-sized home theaters and offers performance that could turn even the most humble homesteads into palaces of sound.

Some say the true magic of the Model 5000X lay in its balanced input stage via XLR with Common Mode Rejection, a feature as sharp as the sheriff’s eye, keeping external noise at bay.

Much like its big brother, the Model 7000X, the 5000X is equipped with a balanced input stage to fend off hum and noise from EMI or RFI. For those working with unbalanced inputs, the differential-sensing RCA circuit stands ready to combat input hum.

If ample power, excellent noise rejection, a clean and neutral sonic signature, and dynamic headroom that stretches as far as the eye can see is what you’re lookin’ for, the Model 5000X is ready to tame all but the largest rooms or the most stubborn speakers on your behalf.

Ready to join the Outlaw Audio posse and discover the promise of Honest Power?

Data sheet

Greater than -70dB from 20Hz – 20kHz
Frequency Response
20Hz -20kHz +/- 0.5 dB at rated output (120W)
Input Impedance
Input Sensitivity
1.2 Volts
Intermodulation Distortion
Less than 0.05% from 250mV to output full rated output (120W)
Power Output
120 watts RMS x 5 (all channels driven simultaneously into 8 ohms from 20 Hz to 20 kHz with less than 0.02% total harmonic distortion, A-weight filter).
Power Output
180 watts RMS x 5 (all channels driven simultaneously into 4 ohms from 20 Hz to 20 kHz with less than 0.03% total harmonic distortion, A-weight filter)
Signal to Noise
111dB A-Weighted
5.8215" x 17.0" x 16.75" (HxWxD)

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