Ultra-X12 Subwoofer

The Ultra-X12 brings a whole new meaning to 'tight' bass with a class LH amplifier and the same custom port plug design you came to expect from our LFM series. The Ultra delivers 17Hz to provide the chest thumping bass you are looking for, and with a linear response you no longer need to sacrifice low frequency extension to maintain that smooth "true to the original" sound of your favorite recordings.  


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CNET Home Theater Review

($679.00 Normal Per unit Price)

Data sheet

Frequency Response
25Hz. -180Hz. +/- 2 dB w/o Port Plug 17Hz.-180Hz +/-2dB w/ one port plugged
Rated Amplifier Power
350W RMS
1 x Down Firing, 12" Long-throw Woofer
Crossover Type
4th Order Low Pass Network
0 to 180 Degrees
120dB (subject to placement and room gain)

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