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3 LCRv2/ 1 Pair BLSv2


If you are looking for a 5 channel system, you're in the right place. This system focuses on smooth, pure playback of any material above 70Hz. We designed the BLSv2 and LCRv2 to work seamlessly together allowing for you to disappear in the sound stage and become enveloped in the content of your choice. Rather than being designed for more modest rooms, this system will also work in moderate sized room due to the increased efficiency of the LCRv2 front stage. Add a subwoofer, and you might never leave the couch!


This system is perfect for those of us that can't find it palatable to part with tens of thousands of dollars for a quality 5 channel system. Add a subwoofer to this combo for an ultimate in home experience.

Designed for moderate sized rooms, rather than smaller more modest sized rooms. This system focuses on sound quality, and price per performance, above all else. 

If you're in a smaller more modest sized room, check out our bundle with 1 LCRv2 for the center speaker and a pair of BLSv2s for the fronts and surrounds! Same great speakers, same great sound.

The BLSv2 specs and product listing can be seen here

The LCRv2 specs and product listing can be seen here

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