RR2160: very powerful, brute force, dead on sound accuracy to drive high end speaker sets
I use for music, mostly vinyl LPS... but man oh man.. WHAT POWER... no kidding. get this, then get arrested for disturbing the peace... zero distortion, accurate replication of the recording... all the inputs you need for music. also used it to watch movies... NOT a 7.2 dolby. but the power OMGoodness... worth every dime. Classical, ROCK, Church Music, technically complex music, sound engineer acid trips... THIS IS YOUR RECEIVER/POWER AMP...
The Model 5000: Love it great value for money
It's brought my Atmos 7.2.4 into that WOW factor. When you factor in the Price/Performance there is no other comparison.
The Model 5000: Want clean rich sound on a budget? This is the amp for you! I bought 2.
This amp has a nice clean sound and is amazing value for the price. I purchased 2 of them, one to power my Totem speakers in the family room and another one to power the Definitive Tech speakers in the master bedroom. Both setups are 5 channels and this amp truly delivers clean rich sound at any volume level to my setup. Outlaw makes amazing amps that are way better than most on the market and are certainly the best bang for the buck out there.
The Model 5000: Nice Clean AMP happy that I have it.
This Outlaw 5000 AMP help keeping my Denon AVR X6500H run a lot cooler. The sound coming out from my front Left, Right, Center, S Left and S Right are much better than before. I used all 5 channel for my 5.2.4 sound system. I let the Denon AVR to run 4 of my Atmos speakers and the main 5 speakers from Outlaw Amp. Most of the TV and streaming content that I watch are not in Dolby Atmos so my Denon AVR didn't do any AMP power pushing at let the Outlaw Amp do most of it, after 4 to 6 hours of running the Outlaw Amp didn't even get hot. I'm glad I decided to go with the Outlaw 5000 120 watts for all 5 channel instead of the Emotiva A-500 only run 80 watts for all 5 Channels. Highly recommend if you have a Denon AVR...
The Model 5000: You should not pass this amplifier up!
What is there to say about this amp except that it is just amazing for the price. I'm using it with a Denon receiver (pre-outs to the Outlaw) and it just blows away the Denon's ampifiers hands down. It's paired with my Golden Ear Titan Two's and it made them just that much better. Just wish Outlaw had a newer pre-amp with 4k available to pair it with.
The Model 5000: Stop looking for better, it is here!
Outlaw scores big in many of their mid range to higher end amps. They are no nonsense components built to last. The power available from this amp should satisfy a large majority of movie and music buffs alike. It never runs out of steam and when it called on to be quiet, it is!
The build quality is noticeable right away. Construction and material are top notch. Nothing fancy, just a nice functional design. Any bells and whistles have been traded for better performance. it is a perfect specimen of fit, form & function. Highly recommended!
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