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Products: Subwoofer: The LFM-1

The LFM-1 provides deep, tight, bass extension that's powerful enough to meet the most demanding requirements of any movie or musical source. Thanks to a flexible crossover system that may be defeated for use with advanced bass management systems, the LFM-1 blends seamlessly with both small satellite speakers as well as large tower type speaker systems.
Among the LFM-1's many features are:

• A down firing design that virtually eliminates audible port noise
• A long throw 12" driver for deep bass extension
• A powerful 325 watt BASH® amplifier for precise driver control
• Signal Sense for automatic turn on/off
• 180-degree phase control
• Line and speaker level inputs
• Detachable power cord






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Driver Type: Down Firing, 12" Long-throw Woofer

Ports: Dual

Amplifier Power Rating: 325WRMS; 1300W peak

Frequency Response: 25Hz. -180Hz. +/- 2 dB

Crossover Type: Linkwitz-Reilly 4th Order Low Pass Network

Crossover Frequency: 40Hz to 180Hz and Bypass

Phase: 0 to 180 Degrees

SPL: 115dB (subject to placement and room gain)

Dimensions: (HxWxD) 21.75" x 15.0" x 22.0"

Weight: 70 lbs