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Following in the footsteps of our Bookshelf Loudspeaker, The Outlaw LCR (Left/Center/Right Channel) loudspeaker is truly something special. We believe it is the most sophisticated and flexible home theater speaker ever offered. Perhaps, most importantly, the Outlaw LCR is the first home theater loudspeaker that, with the flip of a switch, is capable of optimal performance in either a vertical or horizontal orientation.


Until now, getting a perfect match across the front channels of a home theater system has always involved a compromise. Three equal speakers, all placed vertically will sound great, but aesthetically, when paired with a flat panel TV looks downright silly. Alternatively, you could place the “center channel” speaker in a horizontal position to match the lines of the TV, but ultimately, this orientation alters the character of the midrange, thus ruining the perfect timbre match created by your “identical” speakers (especially if you are seated to the left or right of the center channel).


So what does this all mean? Imagine listening to a “pan” of someone speaking as he walks across the screen moving initially from your left speaker, across the center channel and ultimately arriving at the right speaker. By rotating your center channel to the horizontal position, this “pan” will reveal a choppy, mismatched sound field. So, there are your choices: “matched sound” or “appropriate aesthetics.” Pick one.


How did we solve this dilemma? Outlaw collaborated with a talented team of experienced loudspeaker and transducer engineers with over 60-man years of experience to address the issue. Their solution was to outfit the LCR with a set of two different crossovers: one for vertical use, the other for horizontal “center channel” applications.


Placed horizontally as a center channel, The Outlaw LCR delivers crystal clear dialogue with virtually no coloration of voice timbre, even if you are seated a bit “off center.” Placed vertically, as a left/right channel, the LCR delivers pinpoint localization of action or effects. The timbre of all three, especially that of voice, remains intact across the front channels while preserving the clean lines of your flat panel display.


In addition to its unique on-board double crossover system, the Outlaw LCR offers the same dual-boundary compensation controls and high frequency switches that are in the Outlaw Bookshelf Loudspeaker. The boundary compensation control will negate the effects of negative midrange build-up when the speakers are close to a wall or a corner. The high frequency control is designed for use in overly “live” or “dead” rooms. (For more on these controls please download the LCR manual.)


Many of you who already own the Outlaw Bookshelf loudspeaker might want to know how the LCR matches as a center channel. The answer is incredibly well. The LCR uses the same exact tweeter and midrange drivers found in the Bookshelf. Also, we used the timbre of the Bookshelf speaker as our target voicing. Any Outlaw Bookshelf owner will be delighted in the performance and cohesion of his three front channel speakers.


We encourage you to give our Outlaw LCR Loudspeaker a test drive. Even if you have different L/Rs, we believe you will find that the LCR is one remarkable center channel.




About the Dual Crossover





Now Sold Out-Discontinued


Sensitivity: 90dB

Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms

Ports: None (Sealed Enclosure)

Rated Amplifier Power: 50 to 300 watts

Frequency Response: 75 to 22kHz. +/- 3 dB


Tweeter: 1" Custom Silk Dome designed and manufactured with precision Scandanavian parts

Woofer: 2x 5-1/4" SEAS Driver with Diecast Magnesium basket, treated paper cone, low-loss rubber surround and 26mm CCAW voice coil

Linear Coil Travel: 10mm p-p

Boundary Compensation Switch: 0dB, -2dB, -4dB starting at 400Hz where it plateaus at 250Hz and remains flat to resonance

High Frequency Switch: +2dB, 0dB, -2dB starting at 4kHz and peaking at 20kHz

Dimensions (HxDxW): 19 " x 8 7/8" (w/ grill) x 7-1/4"

Weight: 20 lbs (each)