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Products: Subwoofer: The ECS-10


For years, there were only two choices in subwoofers; "large and accurate" or "small and compromised". Small subwoofers were able to produce great linear bass, but never dug really deep or played really loud. For precision deep bass with high output, manufacturers had to put large woofers in even larger cabinets. As enthusiasts, we were forced to decide between compromised bass performance or shoe horning subwoofers the size of small compact cars into our listening rooms.

That ends today. Introducing the ECS-10 Powered Subwoofer, the ultimate blend of precision bass, high output levels and a small cabinet. We invite you to take advantage of our 30-day in-home trial and discover why "great bass" is no longer synonymous with "great big subwoofer".

Among the ECS-10's many features are:

• A sealed design
• A long throw 10" woofer with 8" piston
• A powerful 1000 Watt RMS amplifier for precise driver control
• Signal Sense for automatic turn on/off
• 180-degree phase control
• Line and speaker level inputs (with HPF/LPF)


Owner's Manual




Driver Type: Front Firing, 10" Long-throw Woofer

Ports: None-Sealed Design

Amplifier Power Rating: 1000W RMS; 2000W peak

Frequency Response:

23Hz-120Hz +/-3dB


Lowpass : 40Hz to 120Hz and Bypass

Highpass: 80Hz

Phase: 0 or 180 Degrees

Dimensions: (HxWxD) 13.23" x 12.375" x 13.875 "

Shipping Weight: 46 lbs