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Model 7140 7-Channel Amplifier

Our goal for this amplifier:  increased power, improved performance, greater reliability, and an enhanced user experience.
The new 7140 delivers 7 x140 watts per channel into 8 ohms (all-channels driven), and 7 x 225 watts into 4 ohms.
In addition to RCA connectors, the 7140 also offers XLR inputs utilizing a special IC offered by THAT Corporation, that allows superb performance for processors utilizing XLR outputs.

All of this performance and connectivity has been engineered into a chassis which is the same size as the original 7125. To increase the power, and maintain the same chassis size, we needed a new power supply that would deliver significantly more output voltage and current. To solve this, we chose a recently developed Class F transformer that utilizes professional grade insulation and has a greater thermal efficiency.
Traditionally, we have used thermistors to delay amplifier turn-on and reduce any side-effects caused by an in-rush of current. Since we are now dealing with connections for both RCA and the XLRs connectors (controlled by the THAT circuitry), we improved upon this system to ensure there will be no audible pops, thumps or other side effects until the high powered signal has fully settled in.   

Totally New amplifier modules
We are using new output devices with higher voltage and current for increased power and reduced distortion. Each of the amplifier modules has three pairs of newly designed output devices. This use of perfectly matched devices (the pairs) delivers greatly improved DC offest.  The result: lower distortion and smoother operation.

In summary, the new 7140 represents our best thinking in an affordable high-performance Class AB amplifier.  

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